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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is Musebox?

This is an app for musicians. A lot has changed with the rise of social media, but very little has changed for musicians. We still collaborate like we did 20-30 years ago. We still look for inspiration like we did 20-30 years ago. Building this platform will not only provide a place where musicians exchange musical creativity, but it will bring creative individuals closer together.

What does beta mean?

It means that Musebox is still in a test phase, and that your feedback is crucial to us. We are just a small collective of people with a goal to improve and change the way we as musicians collaborate. We call this Musebox stage for a beta, and with your continuous feedback, we will polish Musebox just the way you want it to be. Beta means that you decide the future of Musebox, not us.

Why does Android only support Facebook login?

This is something we’re working on, and we will be implementing manual registration on Android, and Google+ login on Android & iPhone. Please be patient.

Why are the sound files anonymous?

You will get a notification from an anonymous user whom has liked a soundfile that you have uploaded. From there you will be able to open, delete or like back one of the sound files that the anonymous user has uploaded. If you like back you will find your new match in “Chat”. You will now be able to interact with each other and access each other profiles, you’re no longer anonymous to each other. In other words, only people that you match with can access your profile.

Anonymity enables musicians with different experience level to connect with each other. How fun wouldn’t it be to match with your idol? That is our goal, bring all musicians closer together, for the right reasons.

Why dont you support files over 35 megabyte?

You can upload files up to 35 megabytes to Musebox. You can do this by accessing them from your Dropbox or SoundCloud account. Our programmers did a phenomenal job on this part! Musebox will automatically search for .mp3 and .wav files – that are up to 35 megabytes. Files bigger than 35 megabytes will not be visible to select. This is to make sure that Musebox runs smoothly worldwide.

I cant upload sound files longer than 15 seconds, why?

Today, most creative individuals, such as singers, get a finished instrumental that they record up on. From our personal experiance, we know that working together from the early stage does not only improve the overall result, but it improves the individual’s creative ability. Therefore, we chose that all of the sound files can be no longer then 15 seconds, or shorther then 10 seconds.

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” – David Bowie

I can't filter my search based on distance, why?

This is something we are currently working on, and will provide in one of the future app updates.

Where do I find out if someone has liked my sound files?

In the section ”likes” you will find a list of people that have liked your material. Please remember the more material that you upload, the better the chances of higher activity on your uploads.

Which other services can Musebox help me with?

In the Musebox team we have a marketing specialist, with a bachelor degree in innovation and business development. With over three years of marketing experience from several companies, we have expertise in various marketing tools, with social media as the main specialty.

We know it’s hard to understand the marketing and the business part of the music industry – therefore, we gladly provide help to our community.

We actively promote Musebox users to radio stations, blogs and our Musebox public. We do this by closely following our user’s daily activity in Musebox App. Our goal is to help you collaborate, but as well get the deserved attention for your talent. As we grow together, we hope to become one of the future opinion leaders in the music industry.

How can I get in touch with you?

Whether you’re a future business partner, musician or just a curious soul – please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or comments. We love feedback!

FAQ didnt help?

No worries, contact our support team.