Let’s change the way we collaborate!

Two heads, exchange information, musical similarities, find producers, find singers

As musicians, we find it hard to execute. We are always trying to improve ourselves; it’s a never-ending journey. Most of the time when I, Mario, open my Cubase (DAW system that I use), I don’t work on one project. I would start with one, over to the next one, and am gone into never-ending-land…

Being surrounded by people that I am inspired by, really helps me to execute. Getting feedback and working on same stems – differentiates our ideas. We usually end up producing very different productions, which is great. But most of the time we combine our best elements and make a best possible production together.

I guess two heads are better than one, better yet, four ears hear better than two 😉

Let’s change the way we make music.
Let’s change the way we collaborate.